We have now entered 2017, and the ways of shopping has totally changed as the online shopping is more into trend these days. The best thing about the online shopping is that you can simply browse a website whenever you need something new for a party. Without any hassle of fighting the crowds, you can easily shop whenever the need arises while saving a lot of time. You can easily access different stores when you want to save your money in the online shopping procedure.

Here mentioned are the easiest ways that you can do to shop and save money your money with online. Go shopping!

Become an alert customer

It is recommended that you check out for the shipping costs and return fees before making your order online. The best stores are only those where you can return with simple return policies. Many of the online sites promote offers on the free shipping as it is on discount on the shipping rate. So, it is very important that you are totally aware of the functioning of these online stores.

Research your goods properly

Research your choices is the best possible way to save money on the online shopping. It is suggested that you can simply go for a price comparison trick while shopping your favorites. Don’t hurry into the purchase. Take your time to find a suitable price for your selected item.

Wait for the Season Sale

The sale is the only simple mantra to save your pockets, and hence this option is applicable to almost everything that you desire to buy online. It is quite possible at times that few brands have overpriced an item, and put the same items on sale in the season ends. It is really upsetting when you discover that your purchased item is now available at much cheaper price rate.

Use promo codes and Discount Coupons

Coupons and Promo codes is another brilliant way to pay less for your desirable goods. At a certain point of time, stores offer different promo codes and coupons that allow you to save your pockets on every purchase. Now as the Valentine is here, many of the online stores would soon be releasing their discount coupons. Avail these coupons to save this Valentine!

These are few tricks that you can follow up to save your pocket burns. Saving money is tactics; so, start your saving lessons from today onwards.


Shopping is something which you never get bored off and online shopping is the new innovative way for purchasing your staffs without going out and standing in a crowd for long time. But while shopping, people faces certain problems like most of the times they want to purchase international things but those are not available in their country and often get upset. 

For example, you went to some international clothing online site like forever 21 and Dorothy Perkin and loved a dress but it is only available in American countries and your country doesn’t provide shipping facility from that website then in that case how will you purchase your dress from the site? So in order to solve your problem here we are sharing you information about some international online shopping sites that ships free in India. 

Some of the international online shopping sites that ships free in India:

  1. JC Penney: Here in this site you will find clothing’s (for men, women, girls and boys), home furniture’s, bedding, jewelry and shoes available in the site and if you are looking for online retailer than it is the best international online site that will provide free shipping internationally to all over the world.


  1. GAP: This is the site where you will get all the latest styles for men, women, kids and toddlers. Many people like the logo of GAP on their t-shirts, sweat shirts and also it gives you a comfortable wear and brand style.


  1. Forever21: This is the best and most popular fashionable clothing site especially for girls who look for the latest fashion. It gives you the latest trend and keeps you up-to-date in fashionable world. It has taken all over the mall across the world because of its inventory in trendy clothes. No wonder it also provides free shipping in India within small period of time.


  1. Dorothy Perkin: Another online international sites which also gives you the best collection of branded clothes, shoes, and other useful stuffs. About its delivery, not to worry the website also offers you the international shipping to all over the world on each of its product.


  1. Macy’s: Macy’s has the latest collection on men’s as well as women’s clothing. It is known as the largest departmental store owned by American multinational corporation Macy’s Inc. which contains a great collection of bags, shoes and other fashionable stuffs and the great news is it also offers you free shipping internationally in India rupees.


  1. Overstock.com: This store provides you the best online product right on time. You can get the collection of furniture, electronics, watches, shoes, clothing and many more in overstock.com and the best thing it offers international shipping. So visit the site and select your country and enjoy the products that are available in the site.


  1. Amazon.com:  The best online retailing app of 2016 which offers you online retailer of books, movies, games, clothing, electronics, sport stuffs, apparels, groceries and many more and also the most widely popular site for online shopping. It is an American ecommerce company that provides international shipping all over the world. It is considered to be the best retailing site that gives you 100% satisfying service to the customers and things are delivered fast within 3 to 4 days.

So what are you waiting for? Go visit your favorite online clothing site and start shopping now as this month is considered to be the festive season in India and also the shopping season in other countries as well. Hopefully, this article had provided you some exciting information regarding international online shopping sites.