In order to maintain the quality of the soil, you have to pay attention to the organic matters which the soil mix contains which helps in retention of the water and thereby reduce the crust, the soil mix acts like the reservoir of the nutrients and minerals. All these things help you maintain the quality of the soil. Apart from this, the pH balance, potassium, and the nitrogen content are also the determinants which enhance the quality of the soil. Apart from this the location, sunlight and other factors also help in maintain the growth of the soil.

If you are looking for long term gardeining then choosing the right products be it in case of fertilizers like picking up inorganic fertilizers rather than organic fertilizers or picking cordless hedge trimmer against a line trimmer may seem to work but they would never be as efficient and great as they should have been.


Soil pH

pH is used to measure the acidic and the alkaline nature of the soil which is measured on the scale of 1 to 14. If the measurement comes less than the 7 then the soil is acidic whereas if the measurement is more than the 7 then the soil mix is alkaline. If the measurement is 7 then the soil mix is neither an acidic one nor the alkaline one.

Effects of the pH on plants growth

Each and every plant has its own pH content which affects the nutrients and mineral contents present in the soil. Each plant has its own pH value range. The pH affects the availability of the nutrients present in the soil. When the pH value of the soil is 5.5 then the soil mix has the nitrogen content in it, whereas if the pH value is between the 6 and 7 range then it will indicate the phosphorus content present in the soil. Talking about the best pH range then the soil must have 6 or 7 pH range where the nutrients available in the soil.

Process to find out the pH of the soil

There is a pH testing kit available in the market by which you can measure the pH content of the soil. The pH testing kit contains the small size container which comes along with the solution and a color chart. All you have to do is to take the sample of the soil and place the sample in the container and add few drops of the testing solution in it, the shake the container and left the container for short period of time. Now match the color of the sample with the color chart and determine or note down the pH content of it. For soil sample, you can take the soil from various regions or from the different area and then perform the test on these samples to find out the pH content.

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