Coloring your hair will give you a better and different look. Hair coloring can give you an incredible makeover as well as this will also enhance your personality. If you are planning for hair coloring then selecting the right hair color for your hair is only the main issue or a factor but selecting the right brand and organic hair color is also an important factor. There are number of herbal hair colors present in the market which is made by the vegetable and fruit extract. Hair coloring is the method which works because of the molecular chemical reaction, peroxide and ammonia present in the color. There are different types of the hair coloring system available in the market.

With growing technology & various new products including spa machines, portable sinks and other different products, the salon business has grown fast and is turning out to be one of the best profitable business.



Temporary hair colors are not harmful for your hair as temporary hair color is the method where we make a thin film on hair which exists for short period of time. The number of peoples go for the temporary hair coloring which not only fulfill your desire of coloring your hair but it will it will not give any type of the side effects to your hair.


In semi-permanent hair coloring, the chemicals used to color your hair are the azo dyes and aniline dyes which has few side effects which might be harmful not only for your hair but it can be harmful for your health. For semi-permanent hair coloring, polymer dyes can also be used but you proper heat should be given to penetrate the hair color. When these types of dyes applied to your hair then it will swell your hair cuticle and few pigments mover to your cuticle which you can wash out during shampooing your hair in any of the basins. You can have a look at the best of the shampoo basin here.


In the Demi-permanent hair coloring, the expert use analine dyes which consists 10% of peroxide and other chemicals including ammonia which penetrate the molecule as well as deposit the hair color inside your hair shaft. To enhance the PH of your color, you have to use the some kind of adjuster which spreads nitrosamines that can adversely affect your health and can even cause cancer as well as eye irritation.


In permanent hair coloring, phenylenediamine and hydrogen peroxide dyes are used which do the alkaline reaction in your hair cuticle and causes the same to swell. Hydrogen peroxide not only lighten the color of your hair but its will deposit the color in hair cuticle. After shampooing your hair, the alkaline reaction gets stopped to trap the molecules.

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