Black Friday is officially announced on 25th November this year. Most of us have heard about Good Friday but what is black Friday? Black Friday is the beginning of holiday shopping season. Most of the big brands announces sale during this day.


Good news for brand lovers

Shopping is a favorite pass time for most of the people and when it comes to the shopping from the top brands that too in a discounted price then it will be great news for all shopaholics. Black Friday is generally announced after the Thanksgiving Day that falls on the fourth Thursday of the month of November. As we have known to the fact that the black Friday is the late night to early morning season but instead of that you will easily find the generous crowd on the mall or stores on the black Friday. Black Friday is now becoming the massive shopping day I the US and UK. As per the news the great deals of the coming black Friday will start from 21 of November and it will continue till the 28 November.

Top Brands participating in the black Friday sale

Some of the greatest brands are also a part of the black Friday. Most of the renowned brands will slash their prices on the event of black Friday and that is the only reason for which the day is known as holiday shopping season. Top brands that are participating in the black Friday sale are:-

AMAZON: – Amazon is a brand which is participating in the black Friday sale but it is just be an outsider with the whole concept. On the event of cyber week Amazon do the great splash in slashing the price ranges of the products. May be this time you will find some exciting slashing price ranges from the Amazon also.

SAMSUNG: – Next top brand is the Samsung which actively participate the black Friday sale season. We can say that surely by tracking its previous records that this time also Samsung would come up with some exciting offers and deals.

WALMART: – Walmart is one of the biggest brands that will actively participate in the black Friday holiday shopping season and it always has its products ready to bang on the eve of the black Friday event.

TARGET: – Next top brand in the list is target, the next participant of the black Friday. This year also we hope for some of the best prices and deals from the target especially in the electronics.

There are many more brands that are lined up in the list so save the money for the big event and prepare a list of the products that you want on this black Friday.

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