The world is now moving towards online. From shopping to watching movies, now people prefer online more than any other ways.Get Indian currency notes images  here .And that’s the reason online shopping has become so popular today. Talking about online shopping websites, is a very popular name. Here, in this post we are going to review the Alibaba shopping website.alibaba2

Alibaba is an e-commerce company based in China. It was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma who is a martial art enthusiast and a former teacher. The popular e-commerce company is mainly dealing with 3 sites. First is, Taobao which is considered to be Chin’s biggest shopping site. Next is, Tmall that only deals with online sales and bring the official merchant stores to the people in China.

Alibaba Review: World’s leading e-commerce store.


No doubt, Alibaba is the most popular destination when it comes to online shopping. Last year the company made the transaction of $296 billion which is considered to be the highest in the industry and even more after the combined transaction of Amazon and eBay, who are currently carries the top most position of online shopping websites around the world.

So, the picture is pretty much clear now. Alibaba doesn’t sell products like other top e-commerce sites Amazon. It plays the role of a middleman between sellers and buyers. And regarding money making ways of Alibaba, the company makes most of its money from the advertisements and membership fees of their users.alibaba3

Here, we list up some pros as well as cons of the shopping website. Take a look.


  1. You will get anything you want on They have the numerous sellers and merchants who are connected with this popular platform and provide you a wide variety of each and every item. So, will be your perfect destination for online shopping.
  2. On Alibaba, you will get all the products at a very cheap price which you can’t get on any other website online. That’s the main reason behind their popularity. It will act as a perfect online wholesale store. If you need to buy goods and products with massive volume, you should shop from Alibaba.
  3. Alibaba has acquired the popular ‘one-stop services’ of China which further helps them to conduct the export business easily.
  4. Alibaba has a very good customer service. They have 24 x 7 service for the users. They offer live chat, and also you can get help from an intelligent robot system installed there.alibaba5

   Talking about Cons of Alibaba, we have –

  • No credit card payment options are there. They only have the 5 payment options including Bank Transfer, Letter of Credit, western union, PayPal, and Escrow. Credit card payment option would be more convenient to many users.
  • However, many people have complained about Alibaba for providing low-quality products. Even many customers have complained about getting them defective piece too. But, also it’s not like that, all the products are defective.
  • As Alibaba only serve as a middleman, many scammers have taken the opportunity and serve in front of you as a good seller or supplier. And many times it has been seen that customers get scammed or didn’t receive the products even after paid for them. So, It creates a very bad reputation on the image of Alibaba. However, they have taken the initiative of removing scammers and dishonest sellers from, but still, it has many scammers on its

How to safeguard yourself on Alibaba:


  • Verify the sellers or the supplier group before buying their products. Only go for the Alibaba official verified sellers.
  • Also, if you want, you can ask the sellers to show their business license or provide a phone number. This way you can verify the sellers.
  • If you think, any offer seems to be too good to be true; it will be better if you do not go for them.

Conclusion: is an online marketplace where you can get many suppliers easily, but finding the genuine one might be not so easy for everyone. However, if you are aware of such fraud sellers or scammers on Alibaba, then it would be the best online shopping website for you with a wide range of collection and also with affordable price.

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